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  1. Dear Santa, My name is Ayeh ingame, and my real name is Mark. I am 27 years old. Im quite sure, im a little bit naughty this year. But still i want to give it a shot to wish something from you. Its not for me though. Its for my buddy. He was messaging me that he will love me so much if i get him this headie. The RTC winner hat(item # 18515). I want to wish for myself a cute headie to attract more girls but for me christmas is about giving and not recieving. So i hope youll pick my wish to be granted. Ps. :3 thank you Santa in advance. I will not bribe you this time. Maybe
  2. Hello sir I've been playing woe with my super novice and other classes that was not usually used. But Im just curious if this is reliable reference for super novice http://irowiki.org/wiki/Super_Novice_Spirit

    Its because when changing map if the link was expired the items(headgear or weapon) that was worn by super novice unequipped automatically. So most of the time when im being ecalled in woe when my link was expired my headie or weapon was unequipped.

    Or maybe i suggest items still equipped when changing maps but when unequipped when logged out :D

    I just want all jobs to be visible in woe. :3

  3. i disagree... where is the challenge if theres only few enemies... XD
  4. Nobody said it was easy~ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

  5. Take note of the damages. If your update will include the latest cards well some skill could do super fast kill... It will make the battle faster. there are so many damage card thats not implimented yet. so please take not of this. and so as the skills and items that didnt work.
  6. here we go again XD

    1. raphaelluigi


      Up!!! bwahahahah!

  7. what to do???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Everade


      There's like.... tons of things to do xD

    2. windhover


      haha thanks ;)

  8. how many % did it cost? O___O

  10. maybe this is the time to invite more friends to play GRO? come on we need more people!!! WAR!!! I WANT MORE ACTION!!!
  11. STOP WAR . MAKE PEACE! XD IGN : Genetics Apprentice
  12. 999,999!!!! YEHEY!!!! COUNT DOWN!!!!
  13. 2nd submission.. sorry its too dark =( Heartless.. Thanks
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