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  1. What you could do, is gather a list of all the items, delete all the posts on this topic and update the original post. You could also just close this thread and make a new one with updates, like I did... years ago. *waves at those who remember moi*
  2. [email protected] But, no, been ages since I've played this and I don't think I'll be playing anytime soon. Reasons? No PC for a while and lack of interest. Still, it is kinda nice to be remembered. You still play? *Has thread-jacked his own thread, like a boss*
  3. Well, I kinda had the intention of using this thread as one topic regarding price checks cuz it was just spam back in the "ye olde days" when I was a GM. But it's not really surprising that people use information here as actual values. After all, GRO wouldn't be GRO if people actually followed the rules. Hi, btw. Edit:Typos = Easy on the Vita.
  4. Nice post. It's pinned for obvious reasons.
  5. Congratulations to the winners. Thread closed. Check first post for updates.
  6. This topic is for all those who seem to fail at finding blogs or knowing what this event is about MAIN RULES FOR ANY EVENT DONE BY ME: Don't pressure me about if I don't do things a certain way you want. I do as much as I can, in the best manner, sometimes I do events on the little time I have, or do them already planned in a certain manner. I keep track about how people 'cheat' an event. And the more you cheat, the more reason I'll have to make the events difficult. Avoid Jumping or Warping around when looking for me, if too much coincidence between arrivals develops, I'll either disqualify people, change my hiding spot or simply terminate the event. Don't beg me to change the prize just because you won something you didn't want to win. Or because what you got is not what you expected. I'll take suggestions about things, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll do it like you asked. If I give 'a lot' of prizes sometimes it's to compensate the gaps of events I have. If I am holding an event, please try not to whisper spam me. I am sort of trying to focus on the event. And have a lot of answers to give to some whispers, that I can't really do things "as fast" as you want. Give it time, and I'll get to things as they go. Feedback on this thread is always welcome. If you have an opinion, simply say it. GENERAL TRADE OR DICE RULES I'll announce what items I have for the event. I'll ask for items in return. Here's the catch: You have to find me to make your "bet" of Trading or Dice Duel. If you trade me, I give you what I think is fair for what I asked. If what I offer is not to your liking, challenge me to a dice duel. If you duel me, and win. You get to pick the item you want out of what I offered. If you duel me and lose. You get whatever item I want to give you. RULES FOR AUCTIONS (If they happen) In my auctions, you can bet ANYTHING. (Even the non-trade-able) Make note that what you bet WILL be held in trade. (If you want the item I auction.) You can back down at any point. RULES FOR EXPRESS AUCTIONS (If they happen) If you arrive first, make an actual decent offer. Don't come and expect to win an item that's worth something when you wage a Jellopy. (Figure of Speech.) If someone else arrives, it pretty much becomes a competition on wages. Don't expect the rule of first come, first serve. It is still an auction. You can't come and just ask a dice duel if you're not offering anything. As I said. if you're solo and your offer is lame. You can dice me. If not. You won't. If I ask you to make a wage, don't remain silent. Make it. I am not going to wait till you say something. Hence why it is an Express Auction.
  7. Didn't moonglade have 6 points?
  8. If ya wanna add pretty colors, quote it, edit it and pm me it.
  9. Freaking post is becoming too long -mahrzefies it-
  10. Don't get your panties in a twist. Going.
  11. Enough spam. Suggestion is declined cuz it was already planned that way. No submission has been made yet. So this might not even be effective. I know Surupon already finished the mob Card. But there have been no other entries nor hints (Except for Lu-chan, but it's not official.) So, I'll remove the spam and please just post here your art submissions.
  12. Well, yeah... You're the one organizing with Kathy. I am just helping you post it here xD.
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