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Status Updates posted by Abril♥

  1. The first part of our Halloween Special has started with the monthly Vote Shop Update! Go get these new balloons only available in here!

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    2. Koxy
    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Thanks Master! /slur


    4. raphaelluigi


      pls bring back the metalring balloon and its original prices of 150vps TT 

  2. Halloween Special is almost here!

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    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Yey! Will there be some Pumpkin Spice? /slur


    3. Hersheys


      ^Only if they're account bound Pumpkin Spice, Vio. /heh

    4. raphaelluigi


      VPS update please /lov2

  3. A new Vote Shop update for the month of September! Enjoy!

  4. Pretty excited for the upcoming updates!

    1. D e M o N
    2. raphaelluigi
    3. Koxy


      When voteshop will be update Ms Abril? /lv

  5. I am terribly sorry for the delay on the vote shop update. I had an emergency over the weekend. It should be up and running this Wednesday!

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    2. Hersheys


      lol it's not yet Wednesday /heh

    3. raphaelluigi


      oh crap I haven't seen that!!! sorry!/wah


    4. Hersheys
  6. If you can read this... Get Ready for another eventful Friday! In just a couple of minutes!

  7. I'll be flying back to visit my family, so I won't be able to come online! See ya'll in a week!

  8. Happy New Year GatheringRO!

    1. raphaelluigi


      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BABY LUCYYY!!!! /lov2

  9. Moving to my new apartment! See you in a few days GRO!

  10. Thank you all for submitting your entries! We'll get together and choose the winner!

  11. Estoy amando tu nuevo profile!

    1. Shuichi


      *3*!!! Muchas gracias my babe <33333

  12. Happy New Year, and with it, new headgears on the vote shop! Enjoy!

    1. Rawr Master

      Rawr Master

      Happy New Year!

    2. Collado16


      Read my mail again please

  13. Merry Christmas GatheringRO!

    1. Sissney


      Merry christmas dear Abril~

  14. Write a letter to Santa on our 2015 Xmas Event!

  15. October Update for the Vote Shop is ready! Sorry for the delay!

  16. Yet another Vote Shop Update! Remember these will be there for 1 month. Grab them ASAP!

    1. Lady


      Nice Job!! ;D

  17. come visit online!

  18. Vote Shop has been updated!

    1. Yzobel



  19. Agree! Let's go full promotion! We need a gRO community manager! Anyone interested?

    1. Ren


      let's do this promotion project., what's up guys! :))

  20. This message goes to everybody! If you're reading this, I wanna sit with you and talk about gRO! I will be all afternoon and night in Althea. Come close to me and let's have a talk!

  21. Winners for the event have been announced! Check the thread for more info! Congratz to the winners!

  22. Merry Christmas GatheringRO!

    1. Tailz


      merry christmas abril!

  23. No, I wasn't. Why would I still be here as a GM? I'm pretty sure that is the story someone made up.

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