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  1. hiya diss! belated happy birthday~ (sorry kung super late na) >__

  2. Happy b day sweetie!!!

  3. HOW ARE YOU!!! Pls email me at [email protected] i lost my paper where i wrote your email add on. hows your baby???

  4. happy birthday!~FEB 3~ kaka uwi ko lng kaya d ako naka greet on time

  5. @po1nt death card isnt the only good card that tarot gives. it can also break the shield.
  6. got bored o.o i honestly havn't even tried them yet. my clown havnt even changed to 3rd job yet. haha
  7. haha shit ang ganda ng profile pic mo. hahaha ppunta na ako sa server nyo! gg wait for me lang.

  8. OIYEEEEEE san na you? Here na us!

  9. When you get on skype so we can talk Bum. Psh.

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