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  1. Dude?

    ....dude, wtf.

    You back?

  2. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. sup!? get your ass online! ^_^

  4. your active again?

  5. sawkin on that lollipop HAHAH!

  6. ♥ hate GT because he is kwong wok gay


  7. -takes off your shirt and gingerly nibbles your lips, exposes your chest and runs my fingers down your nipples. Both hands make their getaway as I pinch them softly. Licks your face and goes down your abs, feeling your happy trail-

  8. Stop msging frm other Forums Accnt.

    You're trash for me and you will remain trash for me.

    Always Remember that.

  9. lmfao whatchur msn?

  10. loll yo kathy u shud add me up on msn :D

  11. retail?

    sayy word!

    all i do is clean factory drains for like 6 hours alone :( haha

  12. haha just some retail :]

  13. Get. Back. To. GatheringRO. Noow.

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