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  1. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. sawkin on that lollipop HAHAH!

  3. ♥ hate GT because he is kwong wok gay


  4. loll yo kathy u shud add me up on msn :D

  5. retail?

    sayy word!

    all i do is clean factory drains for like 6 hours alone :( haha

  6. ite frenchie goodluck with everything :D

  7. o frealz eh

    wut job u applied to?

  8. oh my bad

    wuts good?

  9. aww shit

    dap em up when u see em again

  10. lol exactly what i do

    + work haha

  11. aww frenchie also quit?

  12. whats good with you nowadays?

  13. do u go... yo tito the usual

  14. ill get it back soon still lol

  15. wuh u sayin bro?

  16. yee bro the social life haha

  17. how messy is this girl yo?

  18. Lol haha hows gro?

  19. look at all those lotion/sanitizer

    everywhere frenchie man u got cleaning to do

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