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  1. Mitsu

    Dionnnnnnn, Tomatoooooooo. o-o ! Meeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. >:D

  2. Mitsu

    Well that's nice. : ] Have a good life there. :o

  3. Mitsu

    Oh. Hello. I'm fine I guess. And how are you?

  4. No. I guess not. o-o I quitted, I deleted RO too. So no.

  5. lol.. gonna play again?

  6. Thank you. And sure, no problem. :o ..

  7. D:

    ok ok sorry. JULIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! better now?

    thanks for the wonderful lecture.

  8. Dillydally shillyshally~!!

  9. Especially when it's about my friends That REALLY knows my REAL name.

  10. .... :] .... Mitsu... :] .. If you can't call me Julia, then please do not say ANYTHING to me, thanks.. :] ... I really hate it when people call me 'Mitsu' even though they do know my REAL name. :] .. But nice to know that you are fine. And I am pretty fine too. :o ...

  11. Mitsu!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

  12. wow! you are alive!!!!! O_O

    Im great, you?

  13. Hello hello hello! How are you? :D

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