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  1. Currently farming with my new Ranger.

  2. A Fresh Start. :D

    1. luna


      Look whos back

  3. Kamuzta kau tol? pagaling..

  4. Yep, recently lang naging gamemaster. Any major injuries? pagaling kayo at balik na uli.

  5. AH! A gamemaster! I will soon. Well I'm still healing, we had an accident last sunday with Dassah. ;_; our car flipped 2 times mid air and crashed onto a car on the other side of the road. pshh

  6. Lols! I haven't even seen you >.>

    Go active a bit more if you got time though. I host erm lame events. XD

  7. Barely active. Busy with business man. But I get on once in a while, like now! XD Regards. Keep safe.

  8. I just thought that there was an update so I checked the thread. D:
  9. OMG The servers down again. ~~''

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