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  1. Currently farming with my new Ranger.

  2. A Fresh Start. :D

    1. luna


      Look whos back

  3. AH! A gamemaster! I will soon. Well I'm still healing, we had an accident last sunday with Dassah. ;_; our car flipped 2 times mid air and crashed onto a car on the other side of the road. pshh

  4. Barely active. Busy with business man. But I get on once in a while, like now! XD Regards. Keep safe.

  5. OMG The servers down again. ~~''

  6. Ima get more items to make events again. xD It just bores me when I'm online. *sigh*

  7. Happy Birthday Gee. Have a good one.

  8. Thanks Gina. Take care. :)

  9. Thanks Nico. See ya around

  10. Diss buy mo ung convex. Mura yun. From event.

  11. "Oi". Yun lang masasabi mo sa tagal mong di nagparamdam. Hayup ka! Jk. Musta bro?

  12. Hey hey hey Mr. Everade. When are we going to get your awesome renewal client? :D *suckup* XD

    1. Everade


      Probably next week.

    2. Rawr Master

      Rawr Master

      Alrighty... I'm just too excited. :P

  13. Inactive until renewal. XDDD

  14. Four Seasons? .___.


  16. *doing something* will be finished today.

  17. Hey hey how are you doing? say hi to chris for me. *stalks*

  18. That's not so bad. Solve your problems and live a great life. We'll see each other again, not in game but somewhere. Farewell..

  19. Happy birthday. !!!

  20. Can't get past this nagging boredom... Nothing seems to be "it".

  21. Col!! LOL when are you gonna be on?

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