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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome~ I'll put an arrow in your knee~ Updated 11/3/2012. Welcome thanks for using my guide i really appreciate it 😄 and i would really appreciate if you guys stop being so judgemental about it too ^^" No please stop it hurts me :c Hehe please this is just to help you get an idea on how to build your ranger. Don't copy my build and equips all the way. Make your own. Be creative. There are many possibilities as a Ranger. Just an overview of this guide: I will cover 3 types of rangers: Warg type w/ bow Falcon type w/ bow and traps (COMING SOON: High Int and Dex, traps deal high damage spiking up to 50k~80k each) Warg type w/ dagger (COMING SOON: High Str and dagger equippable with shield) Warg Type w/ Bow FYI: This is what most rangers you see will be PROS: Easy to build, stats and equips wise. Doesn't need expensive equips and doesn't depend on foods. High chance of autocasting Warg Strike when you autoattack. Warg Strike spamming deals high damage. Can get through pnuema users with Warg Dash spam CONS: Limited uncloaking to Sensitive Keen and Arrow Shower Might need Kiel-D 01 Cards to spam skills like Sensitive Keen and Warg Dash Warg can be seen when cloaked. Building Your Ranger: Str- Unnecessary unless you want to carry more weight. Best to leave it at 1 Agi- Get it up til 193 ASPD. I highly suggest keeping it at 170~180 so you can have masquerade resistance with it. Vit- Pour as much as you can in here once your done with other stats. Aim for 110+ Int- Unnecessary unless you want to wear Amon Ra Card on your shoes. Keep it at 1 if you don't have Amon Ra Card Dex- Get this as high as possible. This determines your attack~! Aim for 180~200 Luk- This will increase damage as well but not as much as dex. You need this for chance of autocasting wargstrike (eq: 0.3% * 1 luk). Aim for 100~200 (30%~60%) Should look something like this, but build your own build~ Be creative!: Equips: Upper Headgear: Baphomet Horns, Dark Lord Helm [1] , Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1], Prism Effect #2 or #3 , Dragon of Eternity [1], Cosmic Infinity [1], Brazil National Flag Hat [1] -Kiel-D 01 Card, Gemini- S58 Card, Maya Purple Card Middle Headgear: Noble Mask[1] or any slotted middle headgear -Kiel-D 01 Card, Gemini- S58 Card, Maya Purple Card Lower Headgear: Deviling Rucksack [1] or any slotted lower headgear - Dunyerr Card, Vanberk Card, Dark Pingicula Card Body: Refined Tights [1] (for Perfect Dodge), Sniping Suit [1] (less cast delay and more crit),Valkarja's Armor [1] (Unbreakable) - Tao Gunka Card, Ghostring Card, Garm Card, Pest Card, Marc Card, Evil Druid Garment: Valkyrja's Manteau [1] (for Perfect Dodge) , Proxy Skin Fragment [1] (For Resistance) , Wool Scarf [1] (For Wool Scarf + Tidal Shoes combo) - Assassin Cross Card, Choco Card, GIant Whisper Card, Raydric Card Shoes: Variant Shoes (20% HP and SP), Sprint Shoes [1] ,Tidal Shoes [1] (For Wool Scarf + Tidal Shoes combo) - Amon Ra Card, Moonlight Flower Card Accessories: Improved Bow Thimble [1] (inflict 10% more long ranged physical damage), Bow Thimble [1] (inflict 3% more long ranged physical damage), Linen Glove [1] (Refined Tights + Linen Glove combo for Perfect Dodge) - Yoyo Card, Bronzering Card, Ifrit Card, Errende Ebecce Card Bow: Damage: +10 Glorious Hunter Bow, +10~12 Elven Bow [1] w/ Elven Arrows, +10~12 Earthen Bow [1] w/ Stone Arrows - Thanatos Card, Inca Card, Turtle General Card, Hydra Card, Paper Card Status (Annoying): +10~12 Double Bound Bow [3] , +10~12 Composite Bow [4] - Whitesmith Card (Weapon 10% and Armor 7% break chance), Valkyrie Randgris Card (Unbreakable Weapon, 10% more attack, and 1% chance to cast Dispell), Stormy Knight Card (20% chance of Freezing enemy and 2% chance of casting Storm Gust), Blockring Card (3% Chance of Stone Cursing enemy), Thanatos Maero (5% chance of casting lv 3 Decrease), Metaling Card (5% chance to cast lv 1 Strip Weapon) , Metaller Card (5% Chance to Silence enemy) , Magnolia Card (5% chance to Curse enemy), Snake Card (5% chance to Poison enemy) , Marina Card (5% chance to Freeze enemy). Skills at your disposal: Just a look at the skills you'll most likely use~ Warg Strike: Main damaging skill, Spammable. Double Strafe: Second damaging skill, Spammable, Can hitlock an enemy. Arrow Shower: Uncloaking Skill #1. Target hidden enemy's cell to uncloak them. Sensitive Keen: Uncloaking Skill #2. Needs Kiel-D01 to be spammable. Uncloaks enemies around you. Chance to autocast Warg Bite. Firing Trap: Uncloaking Skill #3. Target Hidden enemy's cell to uncloak. Inflicts burn status on enemy. Warg Bite: Immobilizes enemy by chance and prevents cloaking. Not that useful. Can lead to Aimed Bolt. Aimed Bolt: High damage output skill that does 3~4 hits (2 was only shown) on immobilized enemies and takes off their immobilized status. (Immobolizing Skills: Ankle Snare, Electric Shocker, Warg Bite, Cursed Circle, Blade Stop, Vacuum Extreme (Doesn't take off immobilized status off enemy when hit, so can be spammed on Vacuum Extreme'd enemies), Thorn Trap, White Imprison (Immaterial Arrows lol) ) Arrow Storm: AoE skill. Has high damage output close to Aimed Bolt. Can be spammed with Kiel-D01 Cards. Warg Dash: Only melee attack for Rangers that can bypass Pnuema. Has high damage. Can be spammed with right equipment. Warg Dash(Spammed): Switched to cast delay reducers equipment~ Well that's it for my guide today~ Feel free to comment and suggest. THANKS TO: "H y m n"/Jackie for helping me get my equipments ^___^ "BOOMZILLA"/Jason for being the dummy The guild "Enterprise" for having my back no matter what~
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