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Found 1 result

  1. I'll make this look all pretty later. Changing the look of your Prism or Changing the effect of your Prism Please read thoroughly. So, you're tired of what your Prism looks like? Or, maybe you wish to change the effect of it? Don't worry. It isn't too difficult, and I'll show you how to change them. Changing the Sprite Required items Note: If you change the sprite, you will NOT get the old headgear back. 3x Red-coloured Gem 3x Blue-coloured Gem 3x Yellow-coloured Gem Access to Manuk Changing the Effect Required items 1x Red-coloured Gem 1x Blue-coloured Gem 1x Yellow-coloured Gem Original requirements for the desired effect (Ex. You want a Prism 3, you will need ingredients for Prism 3) Access to Manuk First, you're going to need to collect these Gems. No, you cannot buy them. Since you already own a Prism, I'm going to assume you know how to get to man_fild02. That's where we need to go, to hunt them. On man_fild02, there are three special mobs. They are simply named "Crystal". There is a yellow, red, and blue coloured crystal, and they each drop their respective gem. Only 1 each of these mobs exist, and they respawn automatically. The gems are 30% drop rate, so you may need to spend some time hunting. It can be annoying, but it certainly is not hard. Personally, I find hunting them with a bow to be quickest. If you are changing the sprite, you will need 3 of each gem. If you are changing the effect, you will need 1 of each gem, as well as the ingredients for the desired effect. Once you have everything you need, speak to the Guide NPC in Althea, select "Althea Warps", then select "Dr. Hobo" In this room, you will find the "Prism Expert". Speak to her and select the option that you want. If you are changing the LOOK, then leave your Prism in your inventory, and wear the headgear that you want your prism to look like. Speak to her, and she will change it. If you are changing the EFFECT, then wear your Prism, and she will change it. Aaaand, that's about it, I think! If I missed something, let me know. Guide to Prism
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