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Found 2 results

  1. Dear GatheringRO players, we have decided to bring even more activity to our forums by introducing the unique forum event Write-A-Guide! This event starts on the 10th of October and will last until the 10th of December. Every new guide that is written within that period of time or every guide that receives a major overhaul by its author will automatically be registered for this event. The main criterion for this event is QUALITY. Writing multiple guides that lack in quality will not improve your chances to be among the winners. The more effort you put into this, the higher the chances we will not let your efforts go to waste. If you want your old guide to be considered, you will have to do some major edits (e.g. if it currently lacks pics, add those etc.). We prefer guides for our Custom GatheringRO Features as this will help newbies find their way around GatheringRO. You can also write your own version of guides that already exist but which heavily lack in up-to-dateness (again, make sure the effort you put into it is visible). Keep in mind that in order to qualify guides have to be written in reasonable English and they have to contain high quality images. Lastly, we want to show you that we appreciate your recent guides. That's why we decided to also consider recent guides that are not older than 2 months for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There can be multiple winners. Prizes are intentionally set very high as each entry requires a lot of effort and contributes greatly to the community. We will choose 1 guide from among the winners which will receive Cash Points as an additional prize. Prizes for every winner: 1x GatheringRO Surprise Box 1x Surprise Box (15-20 Tokens) 1x Chest of Loyalty 1x Exclusive Costume Golden Question Mark (Equip Location: Upper Head) Additional Prize for the best guide among the winners: 1x 2000 Cash PointsAdditional Prize for the first person to FINISH one of the new Legendary "Vulcan" Quests and write the Guide about it:To this date, no one ever finished the hidden quests which have been released with the Legendary Update Part1/2 1x 2000 Cash PointsAdditional Honor for the best Basic Guides: - Your guide may be featured in our official Basic Guides forum section Summary: Date: 10.10.16 - 10.12.16 How to participate: Write a new guide or (significantly) update an old guide of yours Criteria: Quality, up-to-dateness, English (punctuation, grammar etc.), Images Prizes: All winners get the prizes listed above, the best guide among the winners gets cash points on top -------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to check out our limited time cash shop special!
  2. Rayleigh

    Babies Vs Mvps

    Basic Information: Date: 22nd August - 14:00 Server time You may only participate with a BABY class that is NOT a 3rd class (no Baby Rune Knight, Royal Guard etc.) Event system: Players form teams (max. 3) and get ready to face several waves of MVPs (spawned by me). The MVPs that I spawn increase in difficulty depending on your advancement. The teams that advance furthest will be ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd depending on how far they got. You can only join the event with 1 of your characters (no dual clienting, no joining multiple teams) The event location will be our Colosseum Map End of Registration: 21st August - 23:59:59 Server time The top three teams will receive special rewards while all other participants will receive consolation prizes:1st Prize: 1x GatheringRO Surprise Box for each member 1x GM Surprise Box (5-10 Tokens) for each member 10x Bloody Branches for each member2nd Prize: 1x GM Surprise Box (10-15 Tokens) for each member 1x Castle Invitation for each member 7x Bloody Branches for each member3rd Prize: 1x GM Surprise Box (5-10 Tokens) for each member 5x Bloody Branches for each memberAll other participants: 4x Bloody Branches for each participantRules: Any items that are restricted in Colosseum/Hell Box will also be restricted during the encounter with the mvps (Scrolls are not restricted so they are allowed). Mercenaries are NOT allowed. No outside buffs allowed (I will kill and then ress you before the fight begins) When it's your team's turn, I will recall you (if any members are offline they will be disqualified from the event, the rest of the team can still participate) Running away from the MVP so that not even a single member is engaged in battle with the MVP is NOT allowed and will result in disqualification. Resurrecting your team members is NOT allowed. Every character is allowed only ONE death during the whole event. If a character dies during an encounter and it is his or her first death, he or she must await the outcome of the battle and will be resurrected by me if at least one party member survives the current MVP. Should all members of a team die during an encounter with an MVP it's Game Over. The last MVP that was defeated by a team will count as the team's achievement and will be noted down by me for the final ranking. Please keep your party names as short as possible (they should consist of only one simple word) Please fill in this survey: Party name: (e.g.) rekmvp Names of characters in that party with their classes in brackets: (e.g.) Piercy(Knight), Healy (Alchemist), Monky (Monk) If you have any questions PM me and I will answer them. If they are important I will edit this topic.All credit goes to GM Zie (originator of this event) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Registered Parties: Babies On Fire ThreeKings PowerPuffBoysUnli Trials Of Osiris Secret Weapon Tea Party Monsters Los Zetas Ninos
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