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PvP 1vs1 Arena

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    Private PvP 1vs1 Arena

This is not your average PvP Arena. This is about a true 1 vs 1 fight!
Once you’ve proven yourself fighting in the war, consider giving a real Player versus Player fight a try.


Knuckle up, and search for an opponent currently available.
Or rent your personal PvP Arena, where others can challenge you!



    Rent an Arena

Visit the Duellist M.J.Brutus in the Izlude Battle Arena to rent your private 1vs1 PvP Arena.
A pool of 50 arenas are available in total, serverwide.

Ones rented, your arena will be listed in the Challenge Someone menu section for anyone to see when talking to M.J.Brutus.
Other players can then choose to send you a challenge request during your rental period.


It doesn't matter where you are, ones someone challenges you, Brutus will contact you with a pop-up menu.
The request will include the challengers name, class and base level. All you have to do is either accept or decline the request.
Ones accepted, you and your challenger will be warped into your rented arena to get right into the action!

Costs for 5 hours
61505.png 5 Silver Gathering Coin

You can Check Out at any given time, if you don't want to recieve any further challenge requests.
However please note that the rental costs will not be refunded when checking out!



    Challenge Someone

The Duellist M.J.Brutus always lists all current rented arenas for you available.
So if you're on the lookout for a challenge, it's always a great opportunity to get into an uninterruptible duel.

Ones you've picked your opponent from the list menu, Brutus will immediately start to send your challenge request to the picked player. The best thing about it is that it's working similiar to a waiting queue, as Brutus is doing his best effort to get a response from the player. While you're waiting for an answer, just continue doing your daily business.


You will be informed in case the request has been declined or if the player isn't available anymore.
Always keep in mind that the opponent will be informed about your Character Name, Base Level and Job Class.

Ones your request gets accepted, you will be automatically warped into the arena.


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