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A Return to GatheringRO

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 Welcome Back!logoy1.png

This topic will be your guide as you return to Gathering Ragnarok Online.
Learn about the new content we’ve added to the game, the vast number of updates and improvements we’ve made to familiar gameplay since you last played, and much, much more.

Let’s get started.

    Your Account

If you haven’t visited Midgard since several years, you need to make sure that you can still Access Your Account.

If you have issues accessing your account, you can simply reset your password right here: Reset Password

In case you can't access your email address anymore, or you might even have forgotten your username, please create a support ticket. Please provide us with as many details as possible about your missing account to speed up the process. Create a Support Ticket

Once you've gotten access to your account, please re-check all your account details and make sure they are up to date.
We recommend to change your password right away to increase your account security.

Due the vast changes on our ingame reward systems, we've moved to a 1 account per person policy.
More details can be found in our updated ingame rules, so make sure you read yourself through before heading into the game.


    Downloading the Game

Once you’ve gotten your account set up, you can download the updated game client directly from our website. It is important that if you still have an old installer on your system to not use it. Our client recieved a major overhaul, so the latest installer will be required to be able to play.

Download GatheringRO Visit the download page


If you have issues during this process, you can read about how to resolve them on the support page.


    What's New?

We were pretty busy to enhance a lot of the key features gRO has to offer.
It was our main goal to bring more end-game content to our players, while being much more rewarding.

So let's get you a quick overview on these key features!


    PvP Content

    Free - PvP Gear Set

To help you as a returnee or as a beginner alike, we have given you the opportunity to start your PvP adventure right away once you've reached max level. You can get the entire set and additional giveaways 1 time per account as a welcome or welcome-back present!
Talk to Mr. Giveaway in Althea to claim your presents for yourself!
He will also lead you through the very basics of GatheringRO and guide you around our re-designed main Town.

    War of Emperium - Personal Rewards

Our account based reward system has been designed to reward each individual person on its own.
Prove your worth by actively attending in the War of Emperium by successfully completing team-objectives and you'll be able to purchase ascended battle gear, glorious costumes, mounts and much more!
Get all the details on our WoE Reward System page, and our dedicated War of Emperium Info page.


We've also introduced a brand-new, beginner friendly and castle rotating main access WoE Core Map.
You can either use the warp service from the lost soul Einherjar in Althea to warp to the WoE Core, or warp there directly by using the command @go woe.


Battlegrounds is a competitive PvP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment, costumes and consumable rewards for participation. If you love the PvP aspect of Ragnarok, then the battlegrounds were made for you!
Simply use the ingame command @go bg to warp instantly to the main area.

We've re-designed Battlegrounds from the ground up, removed disliked modes and improved upon fan favorites to bring you the best experience possible! Earn brand-new ascended gear sets, guaranteed reward chests, and become a true warrior!

We've created an indept Battlegrounds guide to feed your brain with all the details in- and around this amazing PvP content.
Knuckle up with daily rewards, and compete in your favorite game modes!

    PvE Content

    World Bosses - Events

New automated events are on the horizon!
World Bosses are epic event monsters encountered throughout the open world of GatheringRO that spawn a treasure chest when defeated.
They spawn at sheduled times which are announced ingame, 5 minutes before the boss appears.

Checkout our dedicated World Boss Event timer, so you'll never miss a fight!

They've been introduced with an all-new looting system allows us to reward every single participant upon fighting epic world bosses.
You'll be rewarded with at least a 61642.png Evil Boss Fragment and a wide variety of rare loot which can be gained at a lower drop chance.


Our original monster invasions have also been improved with great rewards for you to explore!
The more cities you save from their attacks, the higher the chances to earn rare rewards become.

More details on all our Automated Events timetable can be found in our wiki.

    Party Based Memorial Dungeons

Always keep an eye open on the global chat for players asking for people to join them for PHQ. (Pro Hunter Quest).
This is your chance to find new friends to play with and enjoy all the latest Memorial Dungeons (Instances). /bo

There are now also daily challenges for additional rewards for those owning a Pro Hunter License Pro Hunter License.

These bosses also support our unique treasure chest reward system just like the world bosses, so you'll never have to share your loot with anyone and can team up with as many people as you like!

Pro Hunter Exam


    New Episodes

Of course, we've been busy adding lots of great new Episodical quest story lines, maps and monsters to the ever-growing Ragnarok Online universe!
And it keeps getting bigger!

Here are some cherry picked Update Hubs which have been released lately:
Banquet For Heroes - Update Hub
Tomb of Honor - Update Hub
But there's so much more!

    General Content

    Althea - Capital City

Althea has been renovated from the blade of a grass up to the last brick of the castle!
The changes are not just about barely visual improvements for eye-candy, but also from a comfort prespective when it comes to its available services.

Especially new players should have a better time understanding the new city landscape.

Althea Guide SmallAlthea Guide


Yellow - Vote Prize Redemption
Orange - Legendary Gear Services for Prism and Valkyrie Helm
Red - Item Enchantments

Green - Everade's House (Quest content)

    Login Rewards

Every day, upon staying online for a full hour, a login rewards window will appear right in the middle of the screen.

All that is required to receive a reward is to be online for an hour during that day, and the reward for that will wait until it is claimed.

This Login Reward system also comes with hundreds of new costumes that are available through a weekly rotating shop system.




    Playable Classes - Balance

All classes recieved new skills and we did our best with an entire re-balancing of all classes.
We're still providing balancing updates to keep the PvP content enjoyable, more than ever before.

As we listen to our player feedback closely, feel free to share your balancing thoughts at any time with us.
Feedback & Suggestions
Also with the new race Doram you've got a new race and class, the Summoner to explore!

    Cards & Legendaries - Economy

A vast amount of changes have also been made to lighten up the access to31023.pngMVP cards  and other end-game content such as legendaries.
This should help returnees and new players to have a better time catching up and focus on enjoying the game.

Also, if you're a proud owner of one of the original legendary headgears, you may now have the possibility to upgrade their visuals!
Or you can take a look at the brand new legendary headgears that have been introduced during your time off.
Legendary Quests - Wiki

    Game Information

We took the time to write down several new Basic Guides, Wiki entries (over 800 articles to date) and more to get you a fresh and save start.
So make sure to at least pass by our:

Game Guide - Main Access Page


A lot of things might have changed which can be kind of overwhelming.
But we're always here to help you!


We now also have a Support channel ingame, so any question you ask there can be seen by the entire player base.
This is usualy the fastest and most convenient way to get help.

You can now also reach us on our official Discord server and of course here at our dedicated forum.


Please note that "A Return To GatheringRO" only lists a handful of the vast amount of updates we've made over the years.
We're sure you'll find yourself in many more great surprises a long the way.

It's great to have you back! /lv

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