World Boss Events

World bosses are huge and extremely dangerous event bosses which are encountered throughout the open world of GatheringRO that spawn a treasure chest when defeated!
They require a large group of players to cope with them, however every player gets his personal loot reward!
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Party Instances

Cherry picked instance bosses now drop a boss chest on defeat, which can be looted by every party member who participated in the fight.
It is highly recommended to team up on these, especially in combination with the daily hunter association jobs.
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Adventure Guild

Do you love challenges and hunting monsters around the globe?
Then this is definitely for you! Hunt cruelsome monsters, capture them or gather rare materials to rank up and be rewarded with great treasures!
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Hunter Association

While the Adventure Guild allows normal adventurers to take on their requests, the Hunter Association distributes their Boss Hunts only to extraordinary Pro Hunters! Can you pass the Pro Hunter Exam to get your license?
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War of Emperium

Our WoE reward system is based on your personal performance in WoE.
Also, we merged the best elements into an epic map with castle access, services and shops, making it easier for new players to find their way around!
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Battlegrounds brings the competitive challenge to a whole new level! Choose your skills wisely and engage other players in the heart of blood hungry warriors.
Only those who succeed in overwhelming victories shall be renown as great warriors.
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PvP 1vs1 Arena

This is not your average PvP Arena. This is about a true 1 vs 1 fight! Knuckle up, and search for an opponent currently available or rent your personal PvP Arena, where others can challenge you!
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House Rental

If you need some time for yourself or just want to hangout with your buddies, the best place to be is always your home.
So why don't you go ahead and rent your own house with its unique features?
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Account Plus

Our premium membership offers many advantages, including a bigger storage, bonus experience and a boost in item drop rate. Account plus members get access to exclusive in-game commands to customize their character and more!
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Cash Shop

Game balance is key.
That's why we do not offer more powerful content in exchange for donations.
Get your hands on cherry picked cards, headgears, costumes, usable items, and of course donation exclusive content!
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Daily Rewards

What is better than being rewarded for playing the game you love?
Stay online for a full hour to move forward on the reward cycle and claim great goods!
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Love events? Get ready to be busy! With our themed holiday events, automated invasions and global World Boss events, you’ll be more than served. Let’s not forget about unique forum events. You can never have enough!
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GatheringRO Castle

After years of secrecy and hidden from the population, the GatheringRO castle finally opened up its doors to the public for those who were worthy to get an invitation!
If you ever find your way in, make sure you check out the castle its
Cloister of Annihilation!


Seeking more power?
Our dedicated smiths in Althea and Payon are awaiting your arrival.
We have changed the way you're refining your gear and built an enjoyable new system!
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Job Masters

An easy way to change your job class! Meet our Job Master and Baby Job master in our main town Althea!
They will help you to reach your preferred job class!
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Achievement System

Everything you do in the world of GatheringRO is a great achievement - literally.
Track your in-game progress with our brand new Achievement System!
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Channel System

The channel system brings more life into the game and also help new players on their journey.
They are here to connect you with other players and friends through the server. You can even create your own custom Channel!
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You have access to a variety of commands which make your gaming experience much more convenient!
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