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#22037: Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots

Item ID 22037 For Sale No
Identifier Vet_Ungo_Boots Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Heroic Ungoliant Upgrade Boots Type Armor
NPC Buy 10 Weight 30
NPC Sell 5 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 10
Slots 1 Refineable Yes
Attack 0 Min Equip Level 160
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Footgear
Equip Upper Normal / Upper / Baby / Third / Third Upper / Third Baby
Equippable Jobs All Jobs
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Description Boots stained with body fluids Ungoliant extract that may improve the capacity to reduce concentration.
Reduces SP cost by 5%.
Refine Level +8:
every refine reduces sp cost by 1%.(up to +13)
Armor: Footgear
Defense: 10
Weight: 30
Level Requirement: 160
Jobs: All
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